Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Growing pains

I was being egotastical the other day and looking at some old photos of myself, then I looked at a picture of me now, just to compare the difference and WOW what a change! What sort of suprised me was how much happier I used to look, always smiling, but to be honest, I think I'm happier now, I don't look it, but I guess I know who my friends are now, who I can trust.
That's me from, well, last week...

Me from two years ago....oh god....

And me from ages ago, I think I was about 11 here? Maybe? I don't remember, but look at my chubby little face, awww, I don't envy you small child version of me.

Sooooooo, have any of you ever gone through any old pictures to see how much you've grown?

P.S. I've realised I appear to have three different skin tones, I'm pretty sure that's just the camera, although I could be wrong, since as I've gotten older, I've spent more and more time inside, in my room...


  1. awh cute photos yeah i think ur face has matured alot ^^ *not wrinkly mature*, but more adult like :3

  2. Hehe thank you! And don't worry, I know you didn't mean I'd suddenly became 87 years old XD