Saturday, 30 April 2011

What I did yesterday

It was the royal wedding yesterday, so my mum decided to have a bit of a family get together. I personally didn't give one about the wedding, yes they're a bit famous (okay, a lot famous) but they're still just two people getting married. I liked her dress though.
My face. With a few spots

What I was wearing
I thought everyone was going to get all dressed up and stuff, but apparently not. I eventually took off the belt (because it fastened oddly and kept coming undone) and my petticoat because it was getting on my nerves.
Outfit rundown!!
-Dress- Peacocks
-Belt- New Look
-Cardi- TKMaxx
I also had on knee length leggings because it was too cold for bare legs. 
           ANYWAY! Off the topic of me. We had a barbeque which was lovely, there was spare ribs, but they were obscenely chewwy, so I stuck to eating cake, speaking of cake, my auntie made a HUUUGE cupcake, it was so yummy, I had two pieces. I want some now. I went to bed feeling a bit sick because I'd eaten a lot and I usually don't.
          It was a nice day overall, I'm not going to list everyone who came because that'd be stupid as you probably don't know any of them, but it was basically family of my stepdad and my mum and a few close family friends. There was some nice prawns.

I don't know what else to talk about so I'll end this here, thank you for taking the time to read/scan/glance at this, bye byee!
OOH! Actually, please let me know, can I rotate pictures on this? I don't know how to ;__;


  1. omg i lvoe ur hair! I wanted to get a nice pin up kinda fringe but it doesnt suit my face shape T_T it looks great on u :3 and i like ur belt and outfit ^^ and i also loved kate's dress! I only watch like 10mins :/ XD

  2. I did not know you had commented on this XD
    Thank you very much! I didn't like having a long fringe, it made me look funny and it grew over my eyes too quickly XD